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Lewis and Clark Kansas City

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Missouri-Kansas Riverbend Chapter

Of the Lewis and Clark National Trail Heritage Foundation

The Riverbend Chapter supports the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation locally by offering events, activities, educational programs, and protection of the Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail. The chapter encourages local interest in the expedition and related historic sites. Membership meetings are held quarterly; each offers an interesting educational program.

The Riverbend Chapter’s geographic area starts in the east at Fort Osage, a replica of a Missouri River fort built in 1808 by William Clark, and goes west through the Greater Kansas City Area and north along the Missouri River to Leavenworth and Atchison, Kansas, and St. Joseph, Missouri, and on to the Iowa state line. Please note: You don’t have to live within the geographic area to become a Riverbend member.

What are the benefits of joining the Riverbend Chapter? Learn about the most important expedition in our nation’s history. Find out about the many educational and tourist opportunities along the 4,900-mile national trail. Receive communications about local Lewis and Clark events. Most importantly, meet great, fun people whose dedication and commitment to telling the story of the 1803-06 expedition are boundless!

To become a member, click here.

The First Inclusive Election

In late 1805, the Lewis and Clark explorers conducted what is believed to be the first inclusive election by Americans in the West. Voters included an African-American slave named York and a young Shoshone woman, Sacagawea. In this easy-to-read 550-word essay, Lewis and Clark experts Philippa Newfield and Dr. Jay Buckley describe how this election foretold the universal suffrage it would take our country more than a century to achieve. Click on this link: The First Inclusive Election...


September issue: The Orderly Report 

This is a great issue. Among the many informative articles: Glen Kirkpatrick's story on how he became hooked on Lewis and Clark; the saving of Tower Rock; and tasting your way into Lewis and Clark history. The Orderly Report.


More info about presentations at the LCTHF annual meeting
More info about presentations at the LCTHF annual meeting

For those of you who attended the August 3-5 52nd annual meeting of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation (and for those of you who are curious), Kris Townsend, the foundation’s webmaster, created a special edition of the Discovering Lewis & Clark home page—see the screenshot below. It features 16 articles with more information about topics presented and questions asked during the meeting. The meeting was a fun and educational three days. Click on this—to go to Discovering Lewis & Clark.



Riverbend members honored
Riverbend members honored

The National Park service recently honored five members of the Missouri-Kansas Riverbend Chapter for their volunteer work on the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. Read the story...

National foundation hires director
National foundation hires director

The Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation announced in early December that it has hired an executive director, Sarah Cawley. Sarah will start her position January 2 at the foundation's headquarters in Great Falls, Montana. Learn more...

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